Q.  Why choose dogs only from shelters and not from local rescue groups?

      A. The shelters have the largest population of dogs and we want to highlight the dogs that have been left behind. We want to draw attention to the fact that there are great dogs in the local shelters and promote adoption.

Q. What dogs will be selected?

      A. The dogs selected will be 9 months or older, that have been left behind and passed over for adoption due to physical characteristics or challenging behaviors, as is often the case with dogs without previous training.   

Q. Why are trainers not permitted to use the following?

     • Electronic collars (Remote training devices, etc…)

     • Prong or pinch collars of any type

     • Nylon or similar slip (choke) collars

     • Chain collars of any type

    Equipment not permitted during The Canine Restoration Challenge event.
    • Head halter type devices (Gentle leader, Halti, Holt Walking Collar, etc…)
    • No-pull type walking harnesses

          A. Because none of the above type devices are necessary for training a dog quickly or to a high standard. We want to demonstrate to the public that you can train a dog in a humane and compassionate manner to a high standard without such equipment.

Q. What type of equipment can be used during The Canine Restoration Challenge event?

        A. A properly fitted flat buckle collar, martingale collar, or well-fitted back-clip body harness..